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The PECS-SISNeT is a 2.5-year project run by Czech company Iguassu Software Systems, a.s. It is funded by Europen Space Agency (ESA) in scope of the Plan of European Cooperating States. The project started in May 2005 and shall be finished by Nov 2007.

The main goals of the Project are the following:
  • In the context of the ESA IMAGE Project, the main interest is the installation of a real-time monitoring station in the Czech Republic, to form integral part of the ESA real-time monitoring network.
  • In the context of the ESA SISNeT Project, ESA is interested in developing several enhancements to the SISNeT Data Server, offering new capabilities to users. In addition, another project goal consists on adding new capabilities to the ESA SISNeT UAS application.
  • In the context of the ESA SISNeTlab Project, which is mainly related to the ESA EMS service, the main interest is the development of several analysis modules, with the goal to fully cover the SISNeTlab URD requirements.
  • In the ESA Navigation Applications context, a main goal of this activity is to develop a user application exploiting the potential of EGNOS / SISNeT for Blind Pedestrians in the Czech Republic. In this exercise, it is extremely important to establish close synergies with any other related ESA projects existing at the time of executing the proposed work.