Technical Overview

The main aim of the PECS-GRID project is porting of different Earth Observation (EO) Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) data handling packages to GRID and the development of related high level SAR-based functionalities that will be made available to users through EOGRID-On-Demand webportal. The activities focus on processing of space-borne SAR images acquired by European Space Agency (ESA) ERS and ENVISAT missions.

The main functionalities that are foreseen to be developed include: multitemporal analysis, large scale mapping, feature extraction (e.g., floods assessment), and classification (based on multi-polarimetric analysis and multi-temporal analysis, e.g., crop, forest, and urban area mapping).

This functionality shall be collected from low level SAR modules able to perform basic processing such as data ingestion, image filtering, calibration, co-registration, mosaicing, orthorectification, classification, etc. The modules shall be based on existing SW that will be identified during the different phases of the projects.

The activities will also include different test cases of relevance for the remote-sensing community (e.g., Europe mapping, flood damage assessment, large scale maps of forest/non-forest areas) that will be selected in agreement with ESA representatives and that should prove the effectiveness of the developed system.